established a company in district 10

The company is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, specializing in providing company establishment services in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.

When using the  company establishment service in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City of the company, we will carry out all procedures related to the establishment of a company for customers, since the customer has an idea. establish a company until a business registration certificate is issued, make a seal, publish a statement of establishment, buy a digital signature, declare license tax, register a bank account, carry out initial tax procedures for newly established companies.

If you need an address to set up your company’s headquarters, you can use the Virtual Office Rental Service  (rent an office to set up your company headquarters).

Things to keep in mind when starting a company

The first is about the conditions for establishing a company for owners in Vietnam

Have a full range of documents such as: ID card or citizen identification, passport, …

Have full capacity for civil acts as prescribed

Not in the subjects that are not allowed to establish businesses such as: civil servants, public employees, …..

Papers in the application for registration of company establishment such as: business registration application, company charter, list of members/shareholders (for limited liability companies with members and joint stock companies)

The second is to choose the type of company registration. Currently, in our country, there are four common types of businesses according to the size of the business you can choose from such as: a private enterprise, a one-member limited liability company, a two-member limited liability company. members or more and joint stock companies.

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The third is to determine the source of capital, which can be personal capital or call for capital investment from other people or businesses. It is necessary to pay attention to the issue of charter capital of the enterprise. This is the total amount of assets and money that members or shareholders, owners of the company contribute or commit to contribute within 90 days so that the business can operate and registered by the enterprise itself, without the need for certification. bright.

This amount of capital can be adjusted at any time according to the wishes of the business with very simple procedures.

Fourth is to identify the business line and name the business. According to the provisions of the law, enterprises will have the right to do any business at will as long as it is not on the list of prohibited industries and needs to be registered with the business registration agency before going into operation.

Once you have determined your business line, you need to give your company a name. It should be noted that the business name must be written in Vietnamese, must be pronounceable and contain at least two elements: type of business and  proper name. Think carefully to avoid duplicates with other company names.

Fifth, determine the legal representative. This will be the representative responsible for all major business activities of the enterprise. The representative will represent the business to work, sign documents and procedures with state agencies or with other individuals or organizations. These people often hold key positions such as: CEO, CFO, HR

Friday is to pay taxes and labor insurance for the company


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